Our latest project – Drivelines Studios with LOT-EK

We are currently working with LOT-EK on a live-work building project. LOT-EK were commissioned by Propertuity to design a building with ground floor retail in the Maboneng Precinct in Johannesburg.

Twistlock Africa’s role in this project was to supply the locking mechanisms to save the client time as well as assist with some engineering development in the locking system design.

WE are quite excited to be involved in this project, which will introduce housing in this mainly urban area. LOT-EK has designed a V shape building, which will be placed over an existing single-floor garage building transformed into retail and parking. The plan is for the floor between the existing building and the new structure to become an open social space with swimming pool, sundeck, gym and restaurant.

Client: Propertuity, Johannesburg
Project type: Residential and Retail building
Size: 75,000 SF
Location: Maboneng, Johannesburg
Structure: Silman Associates + Asakheni Engineers
Electrical: VBK Engineering
Plumbing: Abbink Consulting
Fire: Drofnets Engineering
Design: 2014
Completion: May 2017