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Cape Town

Erich Koch - Twistlock Africa

Erich Koch

Western Cape and Coastal

Qualified and passionate in the Marine industry, with a strong engineering and technical background of developing pragmatic answers to challenges in and around the marine and environmental industries, with experience in Oil, Gas, Petrolium and coastal engineering processes.
Email: erich@twistlockafrica.co.za
Mobile: + 27 (0)74 622 8375

About Us Lara

Lara Koch

Western Cape Sales Agent

Passionate about my family and grateful to assist clients with various solutions. Involved with most of the paperwork around here but I do it joyfully. Adventurer at heart and happy mom. Let me know which solutions we can offer you today.
Email: sales@twistlockafrica.co.za
Mobile: + 27 (0)83 440 3320


About Us Ralph

Ralph Siebenhaar

Southern Africa Region Central office and Engineering solutions

I am an engineer by training and an adventurer by heart. There is opportunity around every corner, it takes an open mind and eyes to realise such opportunities. The world is full of wonder with more experiences that can be had in a single lifetime and life is what you make it!
Email: ralph@twistlockafrica.co.za
Mobile: + 27 (0)82 825 1852

Twistlock Africa Kim Ibettson


Sales & Operations

My name is Kim Ibbetson. My role in Twistlock Africa is assisting in the accounts department. However, in the past 5 years it has been interesting learning this industry, and what Twistlock Africa is able to offer in the way of container accessories.
Email: sales.jhb@twistlockafrica.co.za
Mobile: + 27 (0)82 825 1852

Everyone at Twistlock Africa has a passion to make complex ideas become a definite reality.

With the resources at our disposal, working twistlock prototypes are fabricated and tested to ensure that the developed solution solves the challenge being faced. We have an interest in solving technically challenging problems and seeing ideas become reality.

Who we are

Our degrees and professionalism have translated into good reputations in various industries. In particular, Ralph is a mechanical engineer who has worked on a variety of projects around the world in a number of different industries. These range from massive smelters to mineral processing plants and he additionally gained experience in modular system design.

We have a number of international experiences under our belts. This enables us to offer our clients the benefits of being exposed to a vast array of cultures and experiences.

This experience allows us to provide effective solutions to your technical challenges and security for your shipping containers.

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